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About Pak Eagle Software Developers (Software House Pakistan)


About Pak Eagle Software Developers (Software House Pakistan)


We are a quality outsourcing web design, custom web applications development and custom business application development company. Our software house is based around the professional website designers, programmers and flash animation developers. We offer a wide range of custom services at affordable competitive prices starting from small presentation sites to complex multifunctional web portals and advanced custom e-commerce solutions.

Our approach is based on collaboration - we don't try to sell you "cool" things you don't need - we listen. And we educate. The more you know about your options, the better we can satisfy your needs.

"Our success depends on our clients' success”. We do not just build beautiful sites for our portfolio - we build sites that fulfill the needs of our clients and meet and exceed their expectations. All done on time and on budget. We value the client's time and budget - we firmly believe in a "The price we quote is the price you get." - if we misquoted and it took some more time then anticipated - the client is not going to pay for that

The strength of our software development is the highly skilled, enterprising and multidisciplinary professionals dealing with diverse application development for various business and professions.

- Successful and Proven Track record and exposure to cutting-edge scenarios in Software Development
- 100% client satisfaction
- Acquaintance to technology of diverse discipline
- Strict Policy of providing value to our clients and customers
- Flexible software facilitating easy usage/operation
- We stand by complex technologies for a simpler way of life
- Constant innovation to exploit the state-of-the-art technology
- Maintain reputation for creativity, quality, integrity and affordability among our clients

Some of the major projects undertaken by us include:

  Financial Accounting Software
  It is a Multi User, Comprehensive and Easy to use Financial Software, which can be run independently as well as can be integrated with our other modules like Production & Costing, Billing & Inventory etc.
  Production / Costing System
  It is a very comprehensive system, which enables user to estimate the cost of a product. It also provides for computation of Gross Margin of Profit.
  Payroll Software
  It is a very comprehensive and user-friendly system to calculate the salary of employees in any organization.
  Mailing Management System
  Mailing Management System has been designed keeping in mind the mailing / promotions activity taking place in an organization.
  Point-of-Sale Billing System
  The billing software has successfully run for several perfect solutions for a Point-of-Sale Billing System.
  Contract Management System
  This software helps in creating a 'DOCUMENT CABINET' and hence collecting all kinds of contracts and proposals made in electronic format e.g. MS-Office documents, E-Mails, scanned files etc. in a central place so that the user does not have to hunt in several machines for those documents. The documents can be given metatags thereby enabling faster retrieval.
  Hospital Management System
  A complete software for health care organizations includes features for registration, scheduling, ot, opd, workbenches, blood bank, billing, insurance, etc.with independent modules that can be used for medical shops, practitioners, clinic and laboratories.


PakEagle.Com 728x15

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